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Signs That it May Be Time To Divorce

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Whether you have been married for just a few years, or for decades, thinking about parting ways is not an easy thing, especially if you are unsure about taking the next step. Perhaps you have been feeling like you want a divorce for a while, or maybe the possibility of it is entirely new. Either way, the choice is going to affect your current reality and into the future, so it’s worth taking the time to think through thoroughly before officially filing for divorce. As a divorce lawyer explains, here are some helpful signs to watch out for that may mean divorce is the right choice for you. 

Communication is Broken

Communication is the foundation of every relationship. Despite how many of us know this, there are still so many who don’t use it on a regular basis. Not communicating keeps your relationship stagnant, where it just doesn’t move forward. And the issues you have that go undiscussed can turn into resentment that disconnects you. Not maintaining healthy communication and conversation can quickly cause a marriage to fall apart. In an effort to work on your marriage, you could agree to attend therapy together. This can help you target the true underlying issues that you may be struggling to work through on your own. 

You No Longer Want to Argue

Not many people actually want to argue with their partner, but it’s more than healthy to need to do some sometimes. At the very least when a couple is arguing, they want to express their thoughts and emotions so they can get to the bottom of an issue and move forward. But if you have no desire to argue so that a resolution can be found, that could be a sign that you have detached from your partner emotionally or don’t feel seen in your feelings. This is particularly true if there is an important disagreement to be had, but instead of reaching towards your spouse, you only have apathy. 

You Have Visited with a Lawyer

There may have been steps that you have already taken that are slowly inching you towards divorce. Maybe you have thought about talking with a lawyer so that you can prepare for the divorce ahead of time. It is worth speaking with a law firm about your divorce, similar to Robinson & Hadeed, so that you can gather the documents you need just in case you decide to file after all. Being able to ask questions and learn more about the process can enable you to decide whether that route feels right, or not. Before you file a petition for divorce and tell your spouse what you want to do, there may be paperwork that you need to organize, such as bank accounts, retirement accounts, marriage certificate, list of assets and debts, and recent tax returns, among others. Your lawyer can let you know what information will be useful. If you plan a little before officially initiating the process, you can feel more confident that you are ready for the next step.