Get Help to Fight off a Speeding Ticket

Get Help to Fight off a Speeding Ticket

If you are driving and you see flashing lights behind you, you likely begin to feel your heart rate increase and your stress levels go up. A police officer pulling you over is, at the very least, a day-ruiner. However, if a police officer gives you a speeding ticket, this can mean showing up to traffic court and paying a fine if a judge finds you guilty. If you choose to forgo court and pay your ticket, this means you are admitting guilt. So, what can you do? You may have a different reaction to what you do depending on whether you have other speeding tickets on your driving record. For example, a couple of speeding tickets on your record could mean that you have greater fines, higher insurance rates, or that a judge will suspend your driver’s license. 

What can you do when you want to challenge the speeding ticket? 

When you are considering fighting the speeding ticket, a lawyer like an speeding ticket lawyer from a law firm like Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. knows that there are few different approaches you could take when going to court. 

  • Get witnesses’ testimonies. If the police officer involved is making claims based on subjective opinion (whether you made a wrong turn), you may be able to convince a judge that this is not the case if you have different witnesses’ testimonies. 
  • You made a “mistake of fact.” In certain situations, you may have disobeyed the law without honestly knowing you did. For example, if you were driving in terrible weather, foliage or a tree may have obscured a stop sign or a traffic light and you may have accidentally disobeyed the law. If you can provide proof that you truly did not know you were going above the speed limit or rolled through a stop sign due to extenuating circumstances, a judge may determine that you are not guilty. 
  • You hope the cop doesn’t show up. If you are concerned that you do not have much of a defense, your best option may be to show up to court and hope that the police officer is not there. When this happens, the judge will likely dismiss your case without a fine or punishment.

Many people do not think a first-offense speeding ticket is serious. However, the more speeding tickets you have on your record the more serious the punishments will get. Consider reaching out to a local attorney to see how they can help you when you want to defend yourself against a speeding ticket.