Help After a Dog Bite Leaves You Injured

Until you have been the victim of a dog bite attack or witnessed what a dog attack can do, you may not realize the full extent of what this kind of injury can do to a person. Especially if the victim is a child, a dog bite can leave a person suffering from severe and life-threatening injuries that will need prompt medical attention. The suffering is not only physical, though. Instead, a victim of a dog bite may find that they have emotional trauma they are facing and will need therapy in addition to injuries so serious that they may need surgery. The truth is, if dogs were properly restrained, we would have far fewer people coming forward saying they were bitten by someone else’s dog. So, if someone else’s dog bit you and you are suffering from an injury, you may wish to pursue legal action. 

Dog bite lawyer

How do these kinds of accidents occur?

Many times, dog bites do not occur because the owner wants their dog to viciously attack a person. Often, an owner may think they have trained their dog well or that their dog is generally very friendly. Thus, they may believe that leash laws do not apply to them. Dogs, even friendly dogs, might be put in a position where they feel that they will be attacked or feel that they must defend their owner. When this is the case, an unsuspecting person may accidentally stumble into a dog’s territory and become the next victim of a dog bite accident. 

Who is at fault in this situation? 

When the dog owner has not taken proper measures to ensure their dog is safely away from the public, they may find that they are facing serious legal ramifications, like fines and prison time. You should consider speaking with an attorney like an attorney for dog bites in Houston, Texas from a law office like John K. Zaid & Associates.

Can I get compensation for psychological issues after a dog bite attack? 

It is certainly possible to win compensation for psychological issues that you get after you have been the victim of a dog bite attack. You are not only experiencing physical trauma. You may face serious psychological repercussions in the form of:

  • Having flashbacks
  • Experiencing anxiety around other dogs
  • Having an inability to sleep
  • Becoming depressed
  • Having nightmares
  • Feeling the symptoms of PTSD

These are just a few of the psychological symptoms that may come after a dog bite attack. In addition, you may still be healing from your physical wounds as well. You should not feel hesitant when it comes to filing a lawsuit to receive compensation for your injuries. What you would need to show when pursuing a legal suit is that the dog’s owner knew they were aggressive (or that the dog had bitten before) and that the owner made no move to reasonably control their dog from harming someone. Consulting a local attorney can help get you started on your legal suit.