Things You Should Do After an Accident

Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Do After a Truck Accident

It’s easy to make mistakes after an accident. You may be flustered, disoriented and anxious right after the crash, and that can cause you to miss some key steps that are necessary for covering your financial wellbeing in the future. A truck accident claim allows you to file for compensation that takes care of the accident costs, but you can be barred from completing a claim if you don’t have crucial evidence and documentation. Avoid these simple mistakes by following these five steps.

1. Contact Your Insurance

Contacting your insurance company can benefit you in several ways. First, they can go through a checklist of things you need to do. They can remind you about important evidence to gather from the scene (taking photos and getting witness statements) and remind you of your coverage. Even if you don’t need assistance, you should inform your agency of the accident as soon as possible.

2. Involve Police

You may feel intimidated at the idea of calling the police. In the heat of the moment, you may simply not think about it before you and the other driver take off. However, skipping this step can mean losing out on your compensation, as your only avenue forward with a claim may be a police report.

3. Swap Information

You need three essential things from the other driver: their name, address (and other contacts) and insurance information. It’s important that you both exchange this information so that you can reach one another afterward for insurance purposes. You may need to file your claim with their insurance company, so you want to have that contact on hand when the time comes.

4. Get a Medical Checkup

You might think you’re totally fine after the collision and feel that going to the doctor is an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, failing to see a medical professional after an accident can prevent you from claiming compensation for injuries after the fact. A doctor can confirm your injuries were caused by the crash and tell you about any other health concerns.

5. See a Lawyer

Finally, it may be worth your while to see a lawyer. This tends to be a step that most people intentionally skip rather than forget, but it can be in your favor to at least consult with one. A truck accident lawyer can help you understand state laws and how your insurance policy affects your situation. If you get in a bind with your claim, they may be able to help you out of it.