Injured by Falling Objects

Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are injured by something falling on you unexpectedly and through no fault of your own, what are your options? First and foremost, the location of where the debris fell and injured you will play a huge role in that answer.

Head injuries can occur in a variety of ways from unexpected falling objects. For example, a construction site may not be properly secured, causing the scaffolding to collapse on unsuspecting victims below. Cranes may topple in heavy winds if not lowered to accommodate the intense weather. Or a simple error in judgment, such as if a construction worker sets their thermos too close to an edge. If the construction site manager has not installed the required netting that is used specifically for this reason the item may tip and fall, striking the victim unexpectedly. If the construction manager is found to have breached his duty of care, they may be liable to you on a negligence claim. Any one of these scenarios can send you to the hospital and could even potentially be life-threatening. 

Catastrophes such as this may occur without the need of ongoing construction. Storms can damage local trees, causing limbs to fall if not inspected and properly removed. Fire escapes are often used as extra storage for those with limited space and may overflow to the ground below. You may have walked through a park with baseball facilities. If the area behind the batter is not properly caged or netted, pop-up foul balls may not be prevented from leaving the field, and could cause substantial harm to someone unprepared.

In all of these situations, there are rules and laws in effect to prevent such incidents from occurring. The city is required to inspect the grounds they care for. Landlords are instructed to tell tenants to keep personal items secure. However, breaches often occur which can lead to head injuries. The falling item may cause bruising, bleeding, cuts, immediate pain, and discomfort. On the other hand, you may be startled or shocked and not experience much pain at all. Especially in a circumstance such as that, you must immediately be seen by a medical professional to be evaluated for concussions and trauma.

If you were injured by a falling object, you may be able to receive compensation for the damages incurred. Contact a trusted personal injury lawyer, who will guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit. If you do not have one, ask around specifically for one that is experienced with premises liability. Inquire as to their previous results in similar cases and select the one you are most comfortable relying on.