Dealing With Whiplash Injuries

Car Accident Attorney

It happens all too quickly. After waiting in standstill traffic, cars ahead of you are moving and picking up speed. Suddenly, the car in front of you slams on the brakes. You react quickly, but the driver behind you can’t stop.  

The police arrive and cite the other driver for failing to stop. When asked if you need medical help, you decline and go home. One week later, you wake up in bed with sharp neck and back pain and wonder where it came from?

You didn’t realize that whiplash injuries sometimes don’t become painful until several hours or days after the accident. You haven’t heard from the other driver’s insurance company and are hesitant to go to the doctor out of concern for the expenses you’ll incur.

Hopefully, this hasn’t happened to you. Unfortunately, whiplash injuries occur far too often. Consider the following:

  • More than 3 million new cases of whiplash are reported every year. Symptoms typically include headaches, neck pain, stiffness and/or dizziness.
  • More than 50 percent of these injuries lead to chronic pain.
  • In 75 percent of patients, whiplash symptoms can last 6 months or longer.
  • About half of whiplash victims will still have chronic pain some 20 years after the injury.
  • Women are five times more likely to suffer whiplash injuries than men.

What Should You Do if You’re in an Accident Caused by No Fault of Your Own?

Contact the Police. Having a police report that determines which driver was at fault will be helpful in making sure you’re not accused of contributing to the accident.

Get Contact Information. Are accident witnesses present? If so, secure their contact information.

Seek Medical Attention. Regardless of whether you’re experiencing pain, visit a doctor or chiropractor and get a copy of their injury assessment. If you don’t do this promptly (within 24-48 hours), an insurer may claim that your pain was not caused by the accident.

Consult a Car Accident Attorney. These attorneys understand the process, can review your situation and advise whether a lawsuit can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Don’t Agree to a Low-Ball Offer. Insurance companies sometimes try to get accident victims to settle quickly and accept an offer that won’t begin to cover their expenses. Don’t agree until you’ve talked to an attorney.There are many kinds of damages that a whiplash victim may be able to claim, as a lawyer, like a car accident attorney Indianapolis IN at a law office such as the Ward & Ward Law Firm, can explain.