7 Steps To Take When You Get a Divorce

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Divorce is no longer the horrifying event it once was, but it can still have massive ramifications once the action is taken. Whether you have been separated from your spouse for several years or you are still living with your partner, there are actions you must take when served with divorce papers. Here are a few of those critical steps.

1. Read the Papers

The moment you are served the divorce papers, make sure you read them. The documents will let you know the grounds your spouse is claiming, the court’s location, and the name of your partner’s lawyer. There will also be information about what possessions your spouse wants from the divorce.

2. Find a Lawyer

Most divorce complaints must be answered within 30 days from the day you were served. There are exceptions, but it is rare. To protect yourself, you can find a divorce lawyer like Daniel J. Wright to ensure your answer is filed within that 30-day time period. 

3. Secure Your Finances

Talk to your lawyer about your assets. Some jurisdictions will freeze assets in an attempt to keep either party from financially abusing the other. If there are children, the court will put their financial safety first.

4. Talk to the Children

If you and your spouse have an amicable relationship, set a time to talk to the children about the impending divorce. If your children are grown, it is still imperative that you notify them, and that you place no blame on each other. No matter how old the child is, keep them out of your emotional rollercoaster.

5. Tell the Family

You must also arrange for a time to tell your family about the coming divorce. Also, be prepared for a wide range of emotions – and some questions.

6. Create a Future

It can be difficult to divide up a long-term household, but that is what a divorce demands. If you can, work through the process with your spouse to alleviate questions about the division of items.

7. Think of Yourself

Even if you were married for a short time, it can be difficult to begin thinking of yourself first. When you are served with papers, you must start to think of life alone, and that can be difficult. That is why you must be kind to yourself.

Divorce isn’t the end of the world, but it can be a complicated bump in the road. A divorce lawyer help you with all the legal aspects while you begin a new life on your own.